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About Us

Afric Pan-African One Health is the one way window to the world of Telemedicine in Africa. We are dedicated to connecting patients, Hospitals, clinics, Medical Products, Pharmacies and Investors together in one System. We improve Medical Professionalism and Practice, and make your Data Security our Priority.

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We are the Unified Health Board. We create a single connection of individual patients, health personnel and approved centres.

  • We have an amazing system of carrying your health record everywhere you go.
  • We create an easy way of managing your health facilities (Digital Hospital).
  • We provide the world the unique way of identification of people via api.

You must really be thinking, Why will you want to carry your record with Us?

Many times we have thought about this, We were like you, like everyone else who often get stock in the routine of creating new health portfolio. We sat down with Experts in Data Security and Artificial Intelligence even as you read this, creating and optimizing the system just for you.

  • 01 Let`s discuss our awesome security Protocol, Why Us?

    We understand that, not only high profile individual needs control and access to quality data security. Our team of security expert are however known, to be best at the game with amazing experience in data security. We remain dedicated to building up security improvement for your Health record, just for You.

  • We are amazingly and greatly blessed to have you make use of our straight forward system. we have decided to make it easy for you to use our system, Just visit any Health Center, we have got you fully covered. All you need is your gsm and your Afric Patient ID.

  • No Internet
    No Laptop
    No Smartphone
    Our team of Experts are always developing improvement for you, just to ensure you have an amazing experience with us. Just with GSM, we have got you covered.



Firstly, we love what we do and we are great at what we do. We also know the necessity of the ability of people being in control of their health record. Anyways, we are here just to ensure that your health record and facilities is handled with maximum care, secure and world class.

Health Record Management

We analyze your record and provide an amazing way of carrying your health record.

Digital Health Consulting

We connect you with top health professional, which allows you to communicate health issues.

Health Facilities Management

We make managing your hospital super-easy using our Digital Hospital Management tools.

Health Financing

We provide easy health financing support for trusted patients, we called lazy-health loan.

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Join the Smart Africans who trust Afric Pan-African One Health the UHR - Unified Health BoaRd in storing their health record on our secured cloud. While you Carry your Health Records Everywhere You Go.


Nothing can be as amazing as a great family of experts and high profile personalities coming together to solve a co-experienced problem domain. A group of people who love what they are doing and always ready to help. We present the Afric Pan-African One Health Team.

Olasegiri Oluwafemi

Chief Executive Officer

I am quiet and always thinking about the next World solution.

Olajide Olorunfemi

Special Strategist

I am simple, amazing and passionate friend.


Affordability is the game here at Afric. Based on our experience on security and data protection, we have designed major product which we believe will help you enjoy amazing ease control, analysis, access control, point-up security and health prediction via our AI protocols.

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  • Record Management
  • Access Control
  • Easy customization
  • Security Customization
  • Health forecast
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  • Record Management
  • Access Control
  • Easy customization
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our costumer relation is top notch and that is why we have taken the liberty of have providing you with answers to popularly asked question. we promise to make this detail, simple and straight forward as possible with our flexible questioning and answering methodology.

  • Why must I be registered with Afric Pan-African One Health?

    We realise the stress you go through while trying to manage and access your health records and that is why we develop this service to help you collect your help records which you can Carry everywhere you go

  • Understanding that access to your health record is your right, we are more than happy to inform you that registration of this service is completely free. However, registration through centers and agents can cost a token and so you have nothing to worry about has access charges is done through centers.

  • Understanding that data security is a priority, We have taken the liberty of helping you carry your health record on the cloud, just to ensure maximum security. We also ensure that you remain the full controller of access to your Health record via encrypted access authentication through micro technology and Artificial Intelligence.

  • With our amazing team been an expert in data security and abstraction, we ensure that all your record are fully managed by our Artificial Intelligence protocol, which makes you a governor of control of who have access to your health record and how long.

  • We understand how managing patients, health records, staffs and Health facility in general can be. However, we have taken the liberty of developing an amazing digital hospital which will help you in managing health records, staffing, patients and finance. Our Digital Hospital also features data analysis, financial and facility management and however, theft and fraud detection mechanism. Learn More


Our joy on the daily basis is a reflection of our love and ability in serving you better, that is why we have ensure our office is completely open on a 24 hours continuos basis. We have the best customer care representatives, who are always ready to listen to you.


No262 Ogele, Asa LGA, Kwara State, Nigeria


+234 8101 3360 55